Location(s): The Netherlands
Integration(s): Bynder, Pimcore

Kega is the leading retail agency in the Benelux.

At Kega we have a true passion for retail. Together with over 70 specialists – from developers to digital designers and from strategists to account managers – we are taking retail and brands further. 

We assist your organization with the digital transformation. We guide complex implementations and automate time consuming processes. Kega prepares you for the new retail reality.

Retail is in constant motion. This asks for continuously fresh perspectives, powerful strategies, revolutionary ideas, and smart e-commerce solutions. Therefor you need a solid, reliable, and experienced partner. A partner who knows how to get the most out of your organization, and one who gets and keeps you on track for the future. A partner like Kega.

How can we help?
Our solutions combine the best in marketing and IT. They facilitate and enrich the lives of retailers, (store) staff and shoppers. 

Kega creates powerful strategies, Workforce management applications, cutting-edge technological and e-commerce solutions. We provide a total solution from concept to realization that maximizes the potential of our clients.



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