CDS Gromke e.KZitac

Location(s): Germany
Integration(s): NetX
CDS Gromke e.KZitac
CDS Gromke e.KZitac

CDS Gromke e.K. was founded in 1993 with the vision of providing services related to digital images and media in the professional field. Two main business areas have been developed in almost 30 years.

Digital Asset Management
With the conception, installation, customization, programming and maintenance of digital asset management systems, CDS Gromke e.K. implement a central resource for image and media files for their customers, which provides working copies and originals for download and dispatch as well as links to image and media files. Furthermore, the direct integration with other systems (e.g. CMS, ERP systems, collection database of museums, etc.) offers the possibility of making the necessary image and media material dynamically available to them.
CDS Gromke e.K. uses established DAM systems from well-known vendors for customer projects in order to always use the most suitable solution.

Digitization & Reproduction
CDS Gromke e.K. realizes complex digitization projects for indexing and securing historical collections of any size. Based on many years of experience in logistics and handling of originals, individual workflows are developed for this purpose that include effective metadata capture. Ideally, the files flow immediately into a DAM system for efficient management and automated generation of working files for various application purposes.
The creation of color-compliant workflows and the generation of high-quality reproductions and facsimiles via fine art prints complete the portfolio.


CDS Gromke e.K.

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