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Location(s): Poland
Integration(s): Effiana
Brand Oriented
Brand Oriented


Brand Oriented. We are a consulting & technological company. We specialise in commercial process modelling, as well as synchronisation and integration of sales, marketing, operations, and finance activities. We are proud of our own EFFIANA ™ promo ecosystem powered by PimCore with our own CI HUB premium integration. This integration between CI HUB and PimCore is an enabler of maximum benefits with all PimCore features on both sides as an ad agency or corporate customer.

We stand out thanks to the customization of solutions tailored to clients’ specificity and friendly implementation. What bring us to the unique level? The stunning IT solutions securing processes from:

  1. planning (planner)
  2. organizing (PIM/DAM Pimcore solution) and executing commercial activities
  3. pre and post evaluating sales/marketing/buying KPI’s


Experience based on 30 projects in 13 countries.

Our top 5 services:

  • Digital Transformation (RPA – robotic process automation) supported by Consulting & understanding the integrity of customer business profile
  • Data driving decision mechanism that creates new value for the commercial planning
  • Digital Marketing / Sales / E-Commerce Solutions
  • Always driving ROI from any type of implementation phase that confirms revenue and payback of our system
  • AI ready to implement LLM transformer generative sales predictions


One of our case study: If you are hungry for the knowledge of how we challenged SAP with “Automating the most complex and demanding commercial process in retail business” – follow the link here:

Download the Case Study here

Want to check more, let’s discuss with the customer Success Stories.


Brand Oriented



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