CI HUB Connector for WordPress.

CI HUB is the world’s leading provider of in-app connectivity software for DAM, PIM, Cloud Storage, Stock Provider and Work Management Systems.

“CI HUB Connector is the #1 platform for placing,
updating and monitoring images and videos
from third-party systems such as DAM, PIM,
stock media or CloudStorage systems and
helps you to reduce workload and keep your
“Medialab” up to date.

By adding WordPress to our family of applications,
our goal is to help you and your team stay focused
on what really matters… your work.”


Setting goals with CI HUB for WordPress

Reduce the workload
of the team by up to 40%
with the CI HUB Connector



  • Display content within WordPress
  • Get full control with the “Where-in-use-List” (Check Panel)
  • Avoid Duplicates
  • Stick to your editorial work – no need to leave WordPress for image research
  • Connected to more than 60 leading DAM, PIM, Stock Provider, or Cloud Storage Systems
  • Place content from any source system – within WordPress
  • Accessible Metadata content such as Copyright, Descriptions, Product info etc. via Shortcode
  • No more jumping back and forth – stay focused on your work
  • Use the hidden benefits of your connected system – DAM, PIM, CloudStorage
  • Stay connected to your used content with smart linking – especially when it comes to versioning

Reduce the IT spendings for building
connectors and maintaining them


  • Use the ready to go connection in CI HUB to more than
    60 worldwide leading system – no invest in 3rd party API
  • No effort in managing roles and rights – it is included
  • The CI HUB interface you are using in WordPress is also available in Adobe Creative Cloud Applications, Microsoft 365 Applications, Google Workspace Apps, Figma or Sketch
  • One consistent tool with one easy to use interface
  • Your maintenance goes to zero – CI HUB is responsible
  • Updates/Upgrades are done automatically
  • In case of DAM Provider change – check our available connections

Work smarter - focus on what's important


We simplify the interaction between your preferred applications and 3rd-party-systems like DAM, PIM, Work-Management, Cloud Storage and Stock Providers.

And we do this with ONE unified interface for applications in the Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft 365, Google Workspace environment. We also support stand alone applications such as Figma, Sketch and now WordPress.

CI HUB Connector has unique features that allow users to access all systems and relevant data from within their application.

This is what we call “using content in context”. 


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One access to your digital asset ecosystem.

CI HUB Connector for WordPress