Launching CI HUB Drive:  Access Your DAM from Your Desktop!

We are excited to launch the new CI HUB Drive – your way to access assets stored in digital asset management (DAM) systems directly from your desktop!


CI HUB Drive connects multiple data sources in a single interface.

The new CI HUB Drive has been launched for Mac, with a Windows version following shortly. It will work by letting users virtually mount their company’s asset management systems to the MacOS Finder and Microsoft Explorer. This enables users to locate, use and synchronize files without leaving the desktop. 

CI HUB Drive can connect multiple data sources simultaneously, providing a single desktop connector interface for DAMs, PIMs, MAMs, and stock image providers, as well as the most common cloud storage services such as SharePoint, Dropbox, Google Drive and many more.

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Key Benefits of CI HUB Drive.

CI HUB Drive will enable companies to get the most from their DAM, by making it easy to access and find the assets they need. Often employees find it difficult or inconvenient to log in and access their company DAM. 

However, with CI HUB Drive, their assets and data are available right on their desktop – and since it integrates directly into the most commonly used tools, MacOS Finder and Windows Explorer, there is zero training needed to use it.



Improve the adoption rate and company-wide use of your DAM assets.

Using CI HUB Drive eliminates the time-consuming processes of accessing and transferring assets between drives, tools and work management platforms. What’s more, all data accessed and used through CI HUB Drive are synchronized so that any changes made will be reflected in the original data source.

With far easier access and an easy to use interface, CI HUB Drive will significantly improve the adoption rate and company-wide use of DAM assets and data, making them a go-to hub for content, rather than simply an asset repository.

CI HUB Drive compliments the existing CI HUB Connector plugin, which already enables users to seamlessly access their digital asset libraries within the most popular work apps such as Microsoft 365, Adobe Creative Cloud Figma, SharePoint, Google Workspace, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, and dozens.

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CI HUB Drive: Access your DAM from your Desktop!

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Michael Wilkinson

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