From Design to Website in Seconds

With CI HUB, you can connect all your assets, wherever you store or use them. In this Episode, Simea Merki shows you, how you can connect WordPress to Adobe Illustrator, via Dropbox.

How to get from Illustrator to WordPress without exporting or copying

From Design to Website in Seconds

That connection will obviously speed up your workflow but it will also help you to keep everything up to date.

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WordPress Connected - Our video series with host Simea Merki

Unlock the full potential of your WordPress website with CI HUB. Streamline your workflow, connect with cloud storage platforms, and revolutionize your asset management. Join our YouTube series and embark on a journey of seamless collaboration and efficiency.

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Simea Merki

Simea Merki is part of the "morntag" family business. As the daughter of an entrepreneur (Haeme Ulrich), she was able to learn early on what it means to think entrepreneurially. She works with her clients based on that philosophy. Her combination of commercial know-how and versatile creativity is repeatedly praised by customers. The mission: Every day to help customers say what they have to tell. Whether it's about websites, web shops, business coaching, content systems, texts or design is secondary. It is more important to help others with the perfect services.Working with WordPress is part of everyday life at Simea Merki. The morntag company is specialized in Content First, based on WordPress. This means that WordPress is not just seen as a website, but a tool t hat also helps "lone fighters" in publishing to become more relevant. Simea is publishing her videos and updates about WordPress since the year 2022 on publishing. Blog.