CI HUB Connector Release Version 1.2.64

In the 1st quarter of 2022 our team worked hard in order to bring you more features and enhancements on the CI HUB Connector. So, we are happy to announce CI HUB Connector version 1.2.64.

Here you can find an overview of the most important features and improvements:

Implementation of Link-Panel in Figma

None of the available Figma plug-ins can match this feature!

Full control over placed Assets:

  • Source
  • Location
  • Version
  • Resolution
  • Color Styles
  • Availability
  • Completeness
  • Reduces file size


Figma Enhancements

  • Add as Fill Feature
  • Handle SVG Files
  • Placing text on the canvas creates standard frame sizes. Placing text into an existing frame has no effect on the existing frame size.
  • Fill text with images to create punch outs


Figma and Color Styles support

Huge step towards efficiency. Placing images or graphics into a frame with color styles extends the style.

  • You don’t change the frame – you change the style. That effects all elements that are built with this style.
  • The Link Panel supports the color styles. You can see at a glance if your image was used in color styles and – if so – in which styles it has been used.


Figma and Components support

The “replace all” feature doesn‘t affect the structure of Components & Instances.

If you run “replace all” or “relink” the replacement is only done in standard frames and in the component. There will be no replacement in the Instances.


Changing the Instance would disconnect the instance from the component.

The other way round?

If an instance has been manipulated and therefore no longer connected to the component, CI HUB will replace images in the disconnected instances with the replace all feature.


box Adapter Enhancements

  • Shows all available conversions
  • Displays all Metadata
    (incl. Custom MD-Templates)
  • Displays Custom Metadata as Filter


We support Custom Metadata Templates:

  • Metadata fields with fixed selectable values can be used as filter.
  • Content from custom metadata templates are displayed in the Detail view with Template name and assigned Metadata fields.
    The visibility and order is fully dynamic.
    • no content – no visibility
    • the order of metadata created in box is adopted
    • new custom metadata are automatically added
  • Serial Production (CSV-Export) is now supported
    Works with InDesign Data Merge.


Context Menu enhancements

The Context Menu now respects the last selected conversion (rendition) when “place”, “replace” or “replace all”
is executed.


Adobe InDesign Packages with Cover Preview

If you upload a INDD File to your Integration and you select ”With InDesign-Package” we now enhance the Package with a preview image (PNG). The Preview Image is always the first INDD Page. This makes it much easier to identify the right package.


Implementation of Link-Panel in Sketch

None of the available Sketch plug-ins can match this feature!

Full control over placed Assets:

  • Source
  • Location
  • Version
  • Resolution
  • Availability
  • Completeness
  • Reduces file size


Sketch Enhancements

  • Store/open documents to/from your connected system
  • The panel runs without an opened document
  • Tiff-files are supported


Adobe After Effects Enhancements

You can now use CI HUB and Artboards created in Illustrator to

  • select wether the file should be handled as composition or as footage
  • prepare your Animation in After Effects
  • link Ai layers into After Effects
  • receive notifications in AE when Ai Layer gets updated
  • use them as placeholders and masks After Effects Compositions
  • use and link any number of layers in After Effects and keep them up to date


DropBox Enhancements

The new API for Dropbox is now supporting “Tags”.

With this enhancement you can find your images, grafics and files much easier.

These tags have a “#” as prefix and thus differs from the keywords of the IPTC/XMP/Exif extracted metadata.


CI HUB Connector version 1.2.64 comes with many more features as: 

  • Sharedien Connector now supports Work-Management Tasks
  • Keepeek Adapter support
  • Marvia Adapter support with Deep-Link and Enhancements
  • Sharedien Adapter support
  • M@RS Adapter support
  • Now supporting compatibility between the old / legacy WebDAM Connector and the Widen System. This also allows all Acquia WebDAM users to easily migrate to Widen. There is just nothing to do. Just open InDesign and its done.

Article by
Andreas Michalski

CEO & Founder of CI HUBAs Managing Director and Head of Sales, Andreas Michalski sold the company iBrams GmbH & Co KG, which he founded, to the French company Wedia SA in 2017. The company developed a Marketing W2P solution for international companies such as Deutsche Bahn, Fresenius, BMW, Continental, Estee Lauder, and Apple.