CI HUB Connector release Version 1.2.11

In the last 4 weeks we have released 2 new versions (actual plugin version 1.1.96 and application 1.2.11). Here you can find an overview of the most important features and improvements:

Working with layered AI files in After Effects

Today we have released an enhancement to the CI HUB Connector for After Effects. In After Effects, you can use AI files with layers and place the layers in the timeline. Now you can relink the Illustrator file and CI HUB relinking will make sure to also relink the different layers. This allows you to check for newer AI files while working on your project.  We have created a short video explaining these new options and giving advice on how to use it.   

Auto reload in list and table view

Many of you have asked us if we can implement a function to reload assets, then you scroll to the end of a list or a view. So now we have introduced this function for all implementations to allow the dynamic reload of assets. This will make working with your files a lot faster.   

Compatibility for old connectors

Some of our integration partners are using old Connectors from Silicon Publishing or others. In some cases, users have created thousands of InDesign files that include the url links to these assets. For that case, we have implemented a realtime migration function. If you open an InDesign file with existing links, the CI HUB Connector will recognize them. Additionally, as you are using CI HUB, you can use the linking benefits in Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects and Premiere Pro. As of today the WIDEN, Eyebase and Bynder integrations are supporting the realtime migration. Also, we are offering a cross update in case you have an old Connector. 

Visit our CrossUpdate page.


Article by
Jörg Seidler

COO & Founder of CI HUBJörg is an automation and data processing engineer with more than 25 years of professional experience in marketing, internet and software development. He has a strong conception and management background to lead a company like CI HUB to succeed. In addition, he has very good contacts in the market relevant to CI HUB due to his many years at iBrams as Key Account Director. Forming and leading teams and working closely with them characterize his working style.