CI HUB Connector release Version 1.1.100

Version 100! What a journey … Within the last 12 months, we almost delivered new functions, Integrations and improvements nearly twice a week.

And we do this to deliver what you are requesting. For us, you, as our users, are the most important thing. We listen every day, re read all of the more than 300 Reviews we already have, and think about age in our strategy meetings every month.

So here is what we have done with version 100:

1: Shutterstock and Renditions

You can now use different Renditions 8 technical variations) of the assets.
This helps use it a FPO Asset in Adobe or to use it in the Office Products. Without „right-click“ or the context menus, you now get the option to select. If you like, take a look at our other videos also. 

CI HUB integration for Shutterstock

2: Microsoft Outlook now avail

We got a lot of feedback from Corporates and large Organisations to make the CI HUB Connector also available for Microsoft Outlook.

So we did it 🙂 within the next days, the CI hub Connector for Microsoft Outlook will be available. Within the following days.

The new integration makes it easy to save any eMail attachment directly into a selected Connection. This helps you save these to your Corporate DAM System or even share it with Dropbox. And we support the way around. Attach any Asset from your DAM, Cloud storage, or PIM to your email.  Just drag and drop, and you are good to go. Try it.

CI HUB Microsoft Connector connect to your system

Article by
Jörg Seidler

COO & Founder of CI HUBJörg is an automation and data processing engineer with more than 25 years of professional experience in marketing, internet and software development. He has a strong conception and management background to lead a company like CI HUB to succeed. In addition, he has very good contacts in the market relevant to CI HUB due to his many years at iBrams as Key Account Director. Forming and leading teams and working closely with them characterize his working style.