CI HUB announces integration with PhotoShelter

We are delighted to announce our new partnership with PhotoShelter, a leading digital asset management (DAM) and content distribution platform! Photoshelter will now be able to connect its DAM software with the most popular work tools and platforms using CI HUB integrations.


PhotoShelter Streamlines Content Workflows for its Users

With CI HUB, PhotoShelter users can now access data stored in their DAM within Microsoft Office, Google Workspace, Adobe Creative Cloud, Figma and many more tools. PhotoShelter will also be able to offer streamlined content workflows for its users, while ensuring that they can find the right content, in the right place.

Announcing the integration, Monika Smyczek, SVP of Product at PhotoShelter said: “Marketing leaders want to find new ways to free up time for their teams to be more creative and generate better ROI from their content strategies. Our partnership with CI HUB brings new integrations to help our customers scale and deliver an engaging brand experience without adding to current workloads. With these new integrations, creatives and marketers can experience easier, faster, and better content distribution across channels.” 


Creating Authentic, High-Quality Content at Scale

As content production becomes an ever-greater part of marketing, it’s essential to make it as easy as possible to access and integrate data to get the greatest use from each asset. With CI HUB, customers report reducing workloads by as much as 40% with the direct integration.

CI HUB Chief Brand Officer & Global Head of Marketing Dr. Jens Niedzielski said: “PhotoShelter understands that brand owners and creatives today need the best assets at their fingertips. To create authentic, high-quality content at scale, it’s vital to have a lean and efficient MarTech stack, incorporating leading software, so we’re excited to partner with PhotoShelter to make this a reality for their customers.” 

Article by
Michael Wilkinson

PR ConsultantMichael is a consultant with 10+ years experience advising tech companies, research agencies, and human rights organizations in marketing and media. Most recently, he led Communications and Content Marketing with Cleanwatts and Anyline respectively, two leading European scaleups. He holds an MBA and a masters degree in Communications.