What could I do with the data that is stored on my computer by the CI HUB Panel

We have some trouble Installing the plugin and want to understand it better, where do we find more info

Adobe has released https://medium.com/adobetech/cep-10-and-exmancmd-7-11-are-here-21d55625a230

What infrastructure does CI HUB Connector use?

CI HUB leverages Microsoft Azure infrastructure.

What is CI HUB ID?

CI HUB ID is an integrated sign-on system for authenticating users of CI HUB products and services. CI HUB ID also helps to tie your subscriptions together and protects against suspicious sign in attempts. Each user must have a unique CI HUB ID account and must be uniquely licensed — you cannot share CI HUB ID accounts. 

How do I buy CI HUB Connector?

You can buy CI HUB Connector through the CI HUB Store, or through a CI HUB Partner.

We are a large corporate and want to deploy the plugin with our central system where do we finde hep on this

Adobe has released a new version of there Store. They now support enterprise grade Plugin distribution. If you like to learn more, then please referent to this post: https://medium.com/adobetech/cep-10-and-exmancmd-7-11-are-here-21d55625a230