Does the linking rely upon those storage services having desktop sync?

No… CI HUB Connector works without any other software needed. We sent need a „Smart-sync“ os similar, we always access the original asset location, as we want to support all functions of a system and not the filesystem features.

Can you edit metadata through this as well ?!

Yes, if the API of the connected System supports it and if the Vendor has decided to let us implement it.

Picture usage rights. Stock suppliers sometimes apply usage rights, e.g., the picture can be used for a catalogue,, but not for video. Can the CI Hub handle such rights?

Unfortunately this is a complex question. But we are working on implementing something based on the IPTC Data, but we don’t expect this before 2021.

How can I sort results (actuality, size, …)

Where can I set that I only use LowRes data with Drag&Drop

How does the connector work between systems i.e. getting a files from dropbox and uploading a final asset to a dam system like webdam?

CI HUB can work between the different Systems. So you can download a asset from your DAM and then upload the final work in your Dropbox for Sharing. If the suer you’re share the asset with has all access to the DAM, you can only share the InDesign and CI HUB will relink to the Images in the DAM. So you sale lots of transfer.

Does plugin Connections support Canto Cumulus DAM ?


Why do I have to save a file that I save in a DAM or Cloud service locally before I save it again?

How can I arrange the panel in Adobe CC products

Where can I find the CI HUB Panel in the Adobe products