An event for brand managers, ICT digimanagers and DAM enthusiasts

On November 10th 2021, the DAM Helsinki 2021 conference takes place as a physical / virtual hybrid event. A one day session with renowned international speakers, knowledge sharing and networking opportunities!

This conference is for those who are new to DAM, those in the process of selecting a DAM system, end-users who want to have a deeper understanding of the different things a DAM system can do, or technical implementers who want a better sense of a system’s capabilities.

Tailored in particular for marketers and content developers who want to be empowered with the knowledge of how DAM technology can improve their situation, this insight will help you better communicate your needs, whether you already have a DAM system or are looking to select one.

The conference offers also a deep dive into the industry’s most feature-rich DAM systems, as well as the gamut of technologies for solving the broader digital marketing and content publishing puzzle.

Our session “Breaking Creative Silos: How User-based Cross Collaboration Empowers Organizations” is scheduled at 10:35am – 11:00am. Join the event and learn more about CI HUB, the leading digital asset aggregator that streamlines your company’s’ marketing processes & creative workflows!