Dear Betatester,

we are very happy that you feel like trying our new product and would like to give us your feedback afterwards. So that you can find your way around quickly and have no problems setting up the panel, we provide you with information and videos on this page.

Here you can download the CI HUB plugin. To install the plugin please use the ZXP Installer which you can download from

In order to give you a quick feedback, you will find some links to feedback questionnaires below. You can also send us an email at

We are looking forward to your suggestions.

Thank you in advance for that.
Your CI HUB Team

Video Tutorial - Plugin install

Video Tutorial - Connections

Video Tutorial - Navigation

Video Tutorial - Filter

Video Tutorial - Result

Video Tutorial - Details

Feedback questionnaires

So that you don’t have so much work with the feedback for us, here are some feedback questions that you can easily answer online.

questionnaire 1
General and Installation – questionary 1
questionnaire 2

Content Sources and Programs – questionary 2

questionnaire 3

Content Sources and Programs – questionary 3

questionnaire 4

Put all in a nutshell. Your resume! – Link in KW42