Adobe Workfront Connector

Level: Beta


Adobe Workfront joins forces with the CI HUB Connector!

The integration of Adobe Workfront into the CI HUB Connector brings your assets, work tasks and progress tracking into any Adobe Creative Cloud Application, Office365 and Google Workspace. Never leave the application you’re in while staying in sync with your organisation.

Adobe Workfront centralizes your work in one place, while CI HUB Connector aggregates and accelerates your workflow. You’ll wonder how you managed without it before!
Be part of this revolution, focus on creativity and let us do the rest.

CI HUB is releasing its Integration of Adobe Workfront with the CI HUB Connector.

The CI HUB Connector is the leading asset aggregator and allows users to access all of their assets regardless of where they are stored. With the Integration of the Adobe Workfront Solution it goes a step further and enables users to stay in sync with their work tasks directly in their Adobe Creative Cloud Application.

For example, imagine you are a Creative Designer and need to finish a Social Media campaign. You get all information, text and images directly in Adobe After Effects. This easily saves up to 30% of your time! Or you are a Marketing Manager and want to approve changes. You have instant direct access to all tasks, status and comments.

As the Adobe Workfront integration is a so called Service Integration, you can use Adobe Workfront functions regardless where you have stored your images, text or layouts.

To use the new integration just download the CI HUB Connector, connect to your Adobe Workfront system and you are good to go!


  • Stay in sync with work tasks directly in your Adobe Creative Cloud application
  • Instant access to different versions of assets, images and video content stored in various systems
  • Save hours and days of work with workflow acceleration
  • Approve changes: instant access to all tasks, status and comments


To use the CI HUB Connector to connect to one of the offered third party systems, you may need a login/user account with the selected system.

The availability and/or the right to connect to the third-party system is not part of the CI HUB Connector or the CI HUB Services. To use the third party system there may be additional cost and/or agreements with the provider of the third party system needed.

CI HUB reserves the right to remove third party system from the list of avail. systems or add new third party systems at any time and without notice.

To use CI HUB Connector, a full connection to the Internet is required at all times.

Get direct access to all your assets with CI HUB!

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Head over to our listing in the Adobe Exchange to install the extension. 

Head over to our listing on Microsoft AppSource to install the extension. 

Head over to our listing on Google Workspace Marketplace to install the extension.